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         CSPS metal was founded in December, 1993. Our products include: stainless steel product design, development, production, sales (ex. tool storage, BBQ ...). Our product sales to many countries include USA, Japan etc. Our market across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America.


       There are about 110 employees in CSPS Taiwan, site area about 1.48 Ha., total capital is about 216 million NTD;  We have a technology partner enterprise in Vietnam -- Clearwater, which has about 500 employees, site area about 9 Ha.


CSPS represents continuously pursuing creations and enthusiasum to develop. It comes from the prefix of 3 "C" and 4 "P", the meanings are:


  • Capacity
  • Capital
  • Character


  • Product
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Price


       This company is a professinal manufacturer of stainless steel production and design. Founded in December 1993 by company owner Mr. George Liu, the company starts as a trading enterprise of stainless steel, later becomes a stainless steel producing manufacturer. We uphold the philosophy of "brave, wisdom-loving, teamwork and mutual benefit." We encourage our employees to have the sprit of continuous improving and willing to create (brave); strive forward and learning activily (wisdom-loving); cooperate and help each other (teamwork); dedicate oneself to make each other complete (mutual benefit). Due to having no distance between each other and work activily together, our company have grown stronger and stronger over the past 20 years.

        The entrepreneurial ship of this company is base on customers' needs, and emphasize on the high quality management, in order to stop unecessary design and waste to achieve the highest value of customers. Through actively accept all kinds of new technology to enhance the companies effcientcy and achieve the goal of advance management. 

        In technical perspective, we think human resource is the key of company prosperity. In response to different stage of enterprise developmentm and to fulfill the needs of humanresource and the other department, we use way like training, practice, technition introduction, watch and learn etc., lerning by doing. We train good and hight royalty managers, and provide corresponding support and payoff to aroused all employees enthusiasm, and to raise the competiveness of industry.


Fouded in December 1993, the main business is trading stainless steel from Japan.

In 1997, we bought the first set of AMADA folding machine and join the steel processing field.

In 1999, we bought one set of AMADA 3000W laser cutting machine.

In 2001, we expanded our our factory to 550 pings. We bought a swiss BYSTRONIC 3000 laser cutting machine to improve the manufactuer ability and to start make stainless steel BBQ grill for export trade.

In 2003, we have started to manufacture and sell tool boxes abroad, we bought 4 sets of AMADA RG-50 hydraulic folding bed, 2 sets of AMADA hydraulic folding bed, 1 set of ATLASCOPCO screw air compressor, 2 sets of FINN-POWER punching compound machine, 2 sets of SALVAGNNI P4-1812 automatic folding machine.

In 2004, we move to Yunlin technology-based industrial park service center.

In 2005, we passed ISO 9001:2000 quality management system verification.

In 2006, we passed OHSAS 18001 occupational safety and health management system.

In April 2007, 3 products include CTBIS5CASR, won "Good Design Product Award" by Ministry of Economic Affair. 

In January 2008, top level kitchen set, out door kitchen set won "Good Design Product Award" by Ministry of Economic Affair.

In May 2008, top level kitchen set, out door kitchen set won the 16th "Taiwan Excellence Award" by Ministry of Economic Affair.

In September 2008, carried out ISO management system integration.(Include ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 18001)

In January 2009, CTBISABASR BBQ grill, CTBIS5BASR BBQ grill won the 17th "Taiwan Excellence Award" by Ministry of Economic Affair.


In September 2009, passed ISO 14001:2004/OHSAS 18001:2007 Management System Verification.

In Norvember 2009, Ideal tool cabinet/ Fantasy double flip cover BBQ grill both won "Golden Pin Design Award" by Industrial Development Burea.

In December 2009 Idea tool cabinet/Kitchen island both won the 18th " Taiwan Excellent Award


Quality Garantee

         We understand that the continuous operation is base on fulfilling customers needs for price, delivery and quality. So CSPS make a great effort in quality control and try to produce high quality products. 

International quality verification system, quality plan and quality policy

ISO 9001 quality management system: The quality management system of us built in December, 2004. The file of quality management system include quality policy, quality goals, quality manual, quality procedure, working instruction and quality record. All file complete one after another in December, 2004. The first edition set up in January, 2005. And we passed ISO 9001:2000 in June, 2005.


Statistic technical application: All department are running information analysis by digital system, for example, production daily report form and process P control chart from production department; supplier quality resume and poor processing items statics; and sales analysis, customer satisfaction questionnaire from sales department etc., to be the basis and fundation of decision. Then through temporary meeting discussion to enhance the all department's quality and performance.


Quality planning and control: Through technical seminar, customer interview, peer exchange, international exibition, industry-academy cooperation plan and join CITD project hold by Ministry of Economic Affair, not only echance our develop ability, but also let us provide higher quality product to the customers.


Human resources and facility management: in order to improve the workers ability, we give technical skill training to idividual operators, such as weilding, polishing, statistic technology, computer operation etc. We have educational training room with computers, we will arrange educational classes and provide equipment for employees to practice. We have promotions to stimulate emplyees to obtaine the certificate, and to improve themselves in order to enhance the competitivity of the company. 

Quality policy to assure product quality and satisfaction of customers

Implement ISO 9001 quality garantee system for high quality: not only the operators will voluntary inspect but also the QA will check the production every 2 hours. On the wraping step, there will also have  QA to check fully of the appearance, quantity of accessaries, function and safety. In addition, the quality assurance supervisor will do sampling check for the finished product in the warehouse, in order to assure every product fulfilled the customers' best satisfactions.


Develop standard operation procesure: from processing to assembly, we have manufacture drawings, processing QC plan, product QC plan and standard operation procesure of assembly. Each key point of production control are clearly define in each of the operation standard. In order to operate smoothly and lower the cost or error, we also develop the operation standard of each equipment and maintainence standard.


Related standards, regulations and test standard applications: we use CNS salt spray test and the test method which provided by customers, such as salt spray test, leaking test, ignition test, slide durable test and so on to assure the quality of product.


Complete after-sales service system: we have after-sales service center in USA to provice related service to customers in North America. In other regions, there are regional importers and agents for customer service network. Customers can download specification of product and user's manual from website, and can contact sales through phone, e-mail and fax for Q&A and other services.










適當的統計方法或品管工具來評估該產品之品質績效,並持續進行檢討與改進:為確保品質管理系統運作的有效性,藉由P管制圖、柏拉圖、直方圖等品管工具和統計技術,進行品質績效達成度和問題分析改善確認,提升全員品質績效。並從客戶端和設計端、製造流程端三方向進行管理,客戶端部分由業務部門透過商展、客戶訪談、問卷等方式進行意見蒐集與整理;設計端使用SolidWorks 3D繪圖軟體設計產品,而後製造樣品、產品測試、討論與修正設計等程序進行管制;製造流程端訂定標準作業程序並安排技術訓練,同時設置首件檢查及巡迴檢查制度,以防止免於因製造錯誤或是人為疏失造成之品質異常。


異常品的改善分析和處理方式和改善績效 本公司品質異常分析執行權責單位是研發部和品保組共同負責,針對異常品以8D手法和QC七手法進行分析,以探索出異常原因的本源,消弭設計不良的問題。配合單位為廠務部門和採購課,每月結合提案改善制度實施成效發表。


本公司設計團隊至今不斷追求卓越,同時獲獎無數,如:第十六屆(2008年)精品獎、第十七屆(2009年)精品獎、2007~2008年優良設計產品等獎項及認證的肯定。2007年獲經濟部工業局CITD 專案審核通過,並在當年度結案;2009年度獲得經濟部國貿局品牌輔導專案審核通過;驗證本公司研發團隊強悍且完美的設計和創新能力。


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